Vannery Nadu

Friday, July 21, 2006

How can somebody turn their back on the world happenings of today? It is very easy to close your eyes and act like you did not know anything. But as a human being, I believe, every person in the society has responsibility of, at least, analysing and understanding them to reach a conclusion about the subject matter. Unfortunately, most of us really do not have time to do so or they are not willing to use their God-given power to evaluate or analyse things. Instead, they simply sit and swallow the lies and half-truths of biased or agenda-monger Medias.

What’s happening in Lebanon? Have you ever ponder over it other than following the news given by CNN and BBC and their Indian followers who have their own hidden agendas and interests. Let alone the political reasons whatsoever it behind the Israel attack be, I would like to focus on the suffering of common people who were never involved or participated directly indirectly in any of political or so called terrorist activities.

Like anybody else I had developed an indifferent attitude towards any terrifying scenes or news that delivered by Medias. They could not move me at all. But lately, I had a horrifying dream in which my daughter, whom I considered to be the most precious thing of my life, appeared as victim of a terrorist attack. The scene resembled the scene I had seen in a TV news of the same night and the only difference was, it was my dear child who were lying with crushed body instead of an unknown child victim. The experience was so horrible that I could not sleep the rest of the night and it changed the perspective of my life.

I am not giving any special importance to Lebanon attack. Attack on innocent people everywhere in the world is condemnable. There is no justification for killing helpless children and women. Whoever the attacker be, let it be countries, rebels or terrorist, they do not posses any quality to be called human beings.


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